Anonymous: ily

I love you more :’) *hugs* Sorry for the late reply bby orz

Anonymous: Do you know anyone who'd be willing to let me catalog some rococo furniture i am DYING over here trying to find some! (•᷉ुε ू•᷈,)

Idk bby 0: I don’t have the set orz I do in my catalog, but yeee :’D

SOMEONE HELP A BROTHA OUT. Sorry for the late reply, anon bby :S

mayorjen: May and September? :)

May: favourite manga & favourite anime.

Wahhh, this is hard! I love a bunch of mangas and animes ;u; The last manga I finished reading was Kitchen Princess. I totally recommend reading it ^-^ It’s cute, and I love the art style~ Plus there’s even recipes of the desserts in the manga :3 

As for anime…hmmm…THERE’S SO MANY GOOD ONES. One of my all time faves is Uta no Prince-sama~

September: instruments I play/ want to play

Ooo I used to know how to play the violin and the guitar, but yeee…I don’t remember much ^^; I would love to learn how to play the piano~

mayorjen Thank you so much for asking hun~! :D *hugs*

  • idk why but the wifi is acting up. It’s so slow and it frustrates me >:I
  • How’ve you guys been? :D I said fuck it, and decided to be on here yesterday and rn.
  • I should probs get off though ‘cause I have 2 physics labs to do >_> Also the wifi is pissing me off.
  • I don’t want to do anything, but I must :I But I just want to watch anime all day…
  • I bought lots of stuff recently that I’m excited for :3 Stuff from memebox, eyecandy’s, a huge pink hoodie from romwe (I blame Alexa Poletti, hehe), and these adorable Mary Janes from Amazon :’D 
  • I think my sailor dress came in the mail, but I have to go pick it up at the post office. It’s for my Gulliver cosplay, and I think I’ll also wear it during the summer :3
  • I’m not that broke rn thanks to getting the last check from my summer job ;u; Bless <33333 I’m glad I ended up working those extra days. Thank you past me for thinking about future me~
  • I just really need to save up now for that blonde wig, ssb4, and Alpha Sapphire 0:
  • But then again I’ll probs need more moneys to make Fionna’s sword and Gulliver’s hat orz
  • I wish I had a job rn, but I can’t ‘cause if I had a job and went to school at the same time I would suffer greatly :S
  • I hope you guys are all doing well~! I’ll try to be on here whenever I can c: Wifi sucks big time, so I’m off >_> Take care of yourselves :3 Work hard, play hard! Keep warm, it’s getting colder~ I hope September has been treating you well :D Keep trying! Don’t give up just yet! I believe in you :3 *hugs* IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER. WE GOT THIS. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SPOOPYNESS.

しずえさんがマリオカートに参戦!by STAR★MAN
Permission to upload was given by the artist.

I really liked the demo for this, so sorry if I start spamming gifs… :x

tiny isabelles (spring and fall)

please don’t punch me

"You had one job, kid”